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Paid Services:

1. Publishing of artists' personal pages and information about their artworks in accordance with the Costs of the Paid Services.

2. Escrow services in transactions in accordance with the Rules of Selling Artworks.

3. Advertising of artists and their artworks on the home page of the site, on the first positions in different sections of the art catalog, in the site search section and in the newsletters in accordance with the Rules of Ordering Advertisement on the Web Site. Ream more

4. Writing articles about creative work of artists by the professional art critics. Ream more

5. Publishing of the articles about creative work of artists and announcements of various art events (exhibitions, competitions, etc.). Ream more

6. Professional translation of artists biographies from and into English and Russian. Ream more

7. Evaluation of artworks and other consulting services by our professional art consultants. Ream more

8. Newsletters for clients and visitors. Ream more

9. Creation of websites design, websites programming, promotion of websites in search engines ratings. Ream more

10. Text and banner advertising of goods and services. Ream more

11. Adding artworks to the site instead of you. Ream more

Free Services:

1. Participation in art competitions on the site.

2. Providing third-level domain names, for example: smith.russianpaintings.net.

3. The opportunity to publish advertisements in the sections "Advertisements" and "Vacancies and Resumes" of the Forum.

4. The opportunity to participate in the Art Sites Rating.