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Do oil paintings really have more "depth" than acrylic paintings like I've heard?
Not any longer. There are so many new products that increase your ability to paint with acrylics by changing the flow, drying time (this used to be the biggest drawback for acrylics), density, etc. And acrylics can be made to last longer than oils. There are also more colors available and possibilities for changing the ground and using mixed media. The great drawback of oils is that they take so long to dry which makes glazing and varnishing harder, not to mention the long term effects of turpentine and cadmium. That’s not to say that you can get exactly the same glow effects with acrylics as with oil but you can get very close. If you wish to paint in oils, you could underpaint with acrylics and do the final in oils. The reverse is not true.